Fayette Clerk's Office Busy Beyond Election Demands

Oct 31, 2011

Officials in the Fayette County Clerk’s office are gearing up for next Tuesday’s election.  But,  even after the vote is counted, the work there will continue.  Many voters casting a ballot November eighth may find themselves in a different precinct in the next election.  Local and state officials are redrawing district boundaries for city councils, school boards and the state legislature.  When it comes to representation in the state legislature, Fayette County Clerk Don Blevin already knows some people will find themselves represented by someone new.

“Oh, absolutely, with population shifts that’s going to happen.  For example in the council districts, we had a number of voters that had to shift from one district to another,” said Blevins.

Members of the Fayette Urban County Council have finalized their new districts.  State lawmakers go to work redrawing their legislative map this winter.

The top election official in Lexington says pre-election polling can affect voter turnout. Fayette County Clerk Don Blevins says many voters watch the polls and will only cast ballots if a race seems close.

“I would say that polling can sway the turnout it it appears one candidate is way ahead…I can that some members of the support base of the opposition might decide that’s it’s not worth turning out for… I would just like to say this….I would encourage everybody to vote,” added Blevins.

Blevins says a lot of money is spent statewide to stage elections.  So, he adds it seems senseless to opt out and not cast a ballot.  The county clerk says more than 12 hundred election officials are prepared to be at their post in Fayette County next Tuesday.  State officials predict only 25-percent of eligible voters will cast ballots next Tuesday.