Farm Tractors and Cars Getting Along

May 22, 2013


Kentucky’s economy remains steeped in agriculture related professions.  Sometimes the rural way of life intersects with an urban traveler.  Farmers across Kentucky are trying their best to get equipment into the fields.  Sometimes, it requires a trip down a roadway.  Triple A reports in 2012 there were 192 collisions in Kentucky involving farm equipment.  Bluegrass Triple A Spokesman Christopher Oakford says slow moving tractors have a legal right to use the roads.

“It’s most important that drivers remain patient.  It’s really about sharing the road and being respectful of other road users.  You know farmers, when they’re not driving farm equipment, tractors and what not, they drive trucks and cars and so they know how frustrating it can be,” said Oakford.

Oakford says farm equipment can run as high as 100 thousand dollars apiece so farmers will choose their spot to pull off carefully.

“And they will pull off the road, just as soon as it’s safe to do so.  But, it’s not always as easy as it seems because the burm might not support the weight of their vehicle or it might be damp and wet so difficult for them to get back on the roadway,” added Oakford.

Triple A says in 2012, there were 192 collisions across Kentucky involving farm equipment.