Farm Subsidies for Kentucky Under Knife

Farm subsidies were once a sacred cow on Capitol Hill, but with the federal deficit soaring, Kentucky lawmakers say it’s time to reassess all federal spending.  In the past sixteen years Kentucky received more than three billion dollars in farm subsidies. A lot of that was for crop insurance but more than one and a half billion dollars propped up corn and tobacco farmers…according to data from the Environmental Working Group. So, Kentucky Republican Hal Rogers says it’s a good time to reassess where federal dollars go.

“Sure, everything should be on the table,” said Rogers.

Lately, Democrats have called for an end to oil and gas industry subsidies. Kentucky Republican Ed Whitfield agrees it’s a good time to reassess all spending.

“I think Congress should look at all subsidies. They’re talking about oil and gas subsidies – fine. Farm subsidies – look at them. Wind subsidies, let’s look at all of them,” said Whitfield.

The U-S Department of Agriculture is projecting a nearly twenty percent increase in farm incomes this year, which has many lawmakers saying it’s time to unwind a support system that critics decry as unfair.