Family Finances During the Holidays

Dec 27, 2011

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the day after Christmas don’t have a patent on holiday shopping activity.  Shoppers were out the day after the day after Christmas Tuesday, even in the cold rain.  Debbie Dix of Lexington says she was out with a return and was looking for ski stuff for a youth outing.  Dix feels her family had a little more to spend this year, compared to 2010.

“You know I am blessed compared to a lot of people..and I can see where a lot of people had struggles..although I hear the stores did very well this year, so..but we seem to be in a better place than we were so hopefully that bodes to maybe a trend with the economy hopefully,” said Dix.

Kirsten Aurelius  visited a Lexington shopping center Tuesday.  She admits the economics in her household have changed a bit this year.

“I am working free lance right now rather than having a full time job through a company, so…so you enjoy that? I enjoy…to some degree yes…I enjoy free lancing somewhat.. I don’t like having to deal with the book work and taxes and keeping track of things, but yeah,” said Aurelius.

Aurelius works in the costume design business.

Denny Barber came to Lexington from Maysville for personal business and spent a little time at a shopping center.  He says this holiday season  found his family with similar financial resources compared to last year.

“About the same my job really wasn’t affected that much by the economy…cause I work at a power plant and we were still pretty busy,” added Barber.

Barber admits he wife did most of the shopping this year, but he adds it seems to have gone pretty well.