Family Cemetery Locations

Jan 7, 2013

A major is effort underway to map small cemeteries in Fayette County.  So far, researchers with the Lexington Public Library have mapped just half an estimated 200 graveyards.  Head Librarian Virginia McClure says rural cemeteries, some with 15 to 20 headstones, are often found in walled-off areas of the county.

“What we realized is a lot of this information had been collected maybe 20, 30, maybe 50 years ago and was, a lot of it was out of date, the roads have changed, neighborhoods have changed.  And so, what we’re doing is tracking down all these different cemeteries and we’re putting them into a special file that works with google maps and google earth and we’re gonna have that available on our web site,” said McClure.

McClure says an app will soon allow smart phones to locate many hard-to-find cemeteries. 

“And you can see of the families that are connected to those and buried there and then you can bring them that up on your smart phone and you can use that because it will have the GPS coordinates.  You can go out in the field and do some different research, travel around from cemetery to cemetery.  Some are on private property, but some are of them are accessible,” added McClure.

Within the next month or so, information uncovered on Lexington’s cemeteries will be posted on the library’s website.