Families Challenged to Find Doctors to Immunize Kids

Jun 16, 2014

Credit kyforward.com

Various medical related agencies in Lexington are working together to help ensure young children get needed vaccinations. 

Fayette County Health Department Commissioner Rice Leach says it takes an organized network of caregivers to administer childhood immunizations.  He says changes in the payment process for these injections is causing a re-evaluation of the best way to administer vaccinations.  "The reimbursement for physicians for giving childhood immunizations has changed enough that they can't make their costs, so they're starting to send their kids to the health department and other places.  Well no one group by itself can fix that," said Leach.

Leach says he's not aware of any Fayette County children who are not receiving their vaccinations at the appropriate time.   "But I know there are mothers having trouble finding someone to give shots.  We've just got to work that.  That's fundamental public health, fundamental pediatrics, fundamental 'take care of Lexington," added Leach.

Leach says a number of medical and social service agencies are meeting to develop a strategy to deal with immunization issues. ​