Fall Campaign Season?

Sep 5, 2011

In a little over two months, Kentucky voters decide who will hold a series of statewide offices, including governor.  But, between now and then, there will likely be a whole lot of politics to sort through. Traditionally, the political season begins with Labor Day. But, that’s changing.  Political ads are now common in the summer.…Governor Steve Beshear launched a new one just before the holiday.  Republican challenger David Williams is also advertising. These days, Transylvania University political scientist Don Dugi says campaigns start whenever the candidate things the timing is right.

“The old idea that local elections, by that, I mean state elections should begin after Labor Day is lost.  Anymore people begin whenever they wish,” said Dugi.

Kentuckians have watched campaign commercials all summer.  Dugi says it would be nice to have certain time limits on campaigns, but he doesn’t look for that to happen.

“Ideally, it would be nice to have a limited time for campaigning.  But, how could you realistically enforce that.  I mean, I’d like to see a 30 day limit on campaigning, but there’s no realistic way to enforce that as far as I can tell,” added Dugi.

Dugi says it’s hard to say if voter fatigue will come into play this fall.  He expects voter turnout this fall will to struggle to make 40 percent.