Extended Tax Deadline in Tornado areas

Mar 14, 2012

Tornado survivors in Kentucky will have more time to file their federal and state tax returns.   In the 21 Kentucky counties listed as federal disaster areas, taxpayers will have an extra six weeks to file their returns.  Kentucky Revenue Officials follow many of the same guidelines set by the federal Internal Revenue Service for disaster relief.   Department of Revenue spokesman Gary Morris says the filing deadline in now in late spring.

"The deadline for filing 2011 returns is April 17th and that has been extended until May 31st,” said Morris.

State Department of Revenue spokesman Gary Morris adds experts from his office will also travel to Federal Response Centers where they’ll offer tax advice.

“Our concern is that while we will be posting a lot of information on our web site..for people who have been impacted by the disasters to use… we respect that there’s a lot of people that simply won’t have those capabilities for some time,” added Morris.

Morris says copies of any state tax records destroyed in the storm can be obtained from his office.  He says representatives from the revenue office will also help re-establish the property valuation administrator’s office in Morgan County.