Expanded Motorcycle Driving Test

May 16, 2012

A new motorcycle operator’s test in Kentucky should better assess a biker’s skills in traffic. The test, developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, was implemented May first.  In 2012, State Police spokesman Michael Webb says Kentucky has seen a 69 percent increase in motorcycle crashes.  Webb says it’s difficult to predict if the revised test will reduce the number of cyclists earning a license.

“Well I really can’t speculate as to who can and can’t pass the test because there are so many factors and it’s a very subjective issue.. obviously the standards will need to be met for a person to obtain a permit or an operator’s license..they must be able to pass the test,” said Webb.

Captain Fred Williams, who’s with the driver testing branch of the State Police, says they’ve doubled the number of maneuvers in the driving test.   

“We’re attempting to more adequately assess rider proficiency and therefore only issues licenses to those who possess the necessarily skills to remain safe while operating their motorcycle,” added Williams.

A free three hour seminar on the new motorcycle license test is Thursday evening at Kentucky State Police Headquarters in Frankfort.  The agency will also host its fifth annual Motorcycle Safety Day program on June 22nd.