Expanded Gambling on this week's "Kentucky Tonight"

Feb 27, 2012

On this week's edition of Kentucky Tonight, host Bill Goodman and guests will discuss expanded gambling.  The program that airs on Kentucky Educational Television (KET) Monday  at 7:00 pm/8:00 Central will be re-broadcast on WEKU Tuesday at  11:00 am.

Scheduled guests are:  Corey Johnsen, president of Kentucky Downs and chair of the Kentucky Equine Education Project;  David Adkisson, president and CEO of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Kentucky Alliance for Jobs;  Martin Cothran, senior policy analyst for The Family Foundation;  Rev. Marian McClure Taylor, executive director of the Kentucky Council of Churches.

Kentucky viewers with questions may send e-mail, including name and town or county, to kytonight@ket.org or use the message form at www.ket.org/kytonight.  The phone number for viewer calls during the program is 1-800-494-7605. Viewers may also submit questions on Twitter to @BillKET or #kytonight, or on Kentucky Educational Television's Facebook page.

Kentucky Tonightis a weekly KET production, produced by Deidre Clark. Bill Goodman is host and managing editor.