Ever Changing Drought Climate

Aug 20, 2012

Kentucky has experienced a variety of weather conditions this summer.  Far western Kentucky remains in the grip of summer long drought.  But, after an early summer dry-spell, rain has returned to much of central and eastern Kentucky.  State Climatologist Stuart Foster says his hometown of Bowling Green is living up to its name.  “You can go from there where now it’s really no visual indication of drought to the traveler passing through and you can travel about a hundred miles to the west and to from what appears to be no drought to a very extreme drought situation and that’s pretty unusual,” said Foster.

That midsummer rainfall gave central and eastern Kentucky greener pastures.  Still, State Climatologist Stuart Foster predicts a return of dry weather this fall.

“The good side of that as we get into the fall, the weather cools off, the demand for water decreases.  So, we don’t need as much to meet the needs of plants in communities and watering our lawns and things like that,” added Foster.

The director of the State Climate Center adds fall months typically are dry.