Evangelical Christians call for Immigration Reforms

May 30, 2013

A Kentucky pastor is leading a national, evangelical campaign to promote immigration reform.   Russell Moore, who’s a Senior Vice President for the Louisville based Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, makes his pitch in a new radio commercial.  Here’s an excerpt. 

“The gospel calls all of us as Christians to compassion and justice, so I’m asking you to join a growing movement of Christians that are appealing to our political leaders for immigration solutions that respect each person’s God given dignity…respect the rule of law… protect family unity…guarantee secure borders…ensure fairness to taxpayers…and establish a path toward citizenship.”

Moore says more evangelical Christians realize immigration reform is a moral issue, as well as a political, legal, and economic matter.

“And to know why this is so important to us particularly as Christians because God has a heart for the sojourners in the land.  God has a heart for those who are marginalized and suffering,” said Moore.       

The quarter million dollar ad campaign includes radio spots running in 13 states, including Kentucky.  It will also include billboards in four states.