Enforcement Starts Monday

Jun 1, 2011

Enforcement of new regulations included in Madison County’s smoking ban begins next week.  The local Clean Indoor Air Regulations now officially cover Hookahs and electric cigarettes. The Clean Indoor Air policy currently prohibits smoking in public places in Madison County.  The smoking ban broadens Monday to include hookahs and electronic cigarettes and eliminates the exemption for retail tobacco stores.  Christie Green with the Madison County Health Department says six inspectors will be monitoring the community.

“They don’t make a visit simply to inspect for tobacco product use unless there is a complaint filed against a specific establishment,” said Green

Green says there are currently no Hookah bars located in Madison County.  .  Christie Green with the Madison County Health Department says Hookah pipes feature more than flavored smoke.

“The delivery method through the water pipe essentially causes people to be exposed to greater levels of tar than would be the case in a filtered cigarette even,” added Green.

  The Health Department official says e-cigarette enforcement really comes down from the World Health Organization.

“And it has a great deal to do with these nicotine delivery devices are not regulated and so the contents of the cartridges that are used for the e-cigarettes may contain products that are significantly harmful to the user,” explained Green.

She says the fines typically would be leveled at establishments.  Green says the fine would be one hundred dollars on a first violation and three hundred dollars for a second violation.