Energy Saving Valentine's Dinner

Feb 13, 2012

A candlelit dinner on Valentine’s Day seem to go together.  Two environmental organizations are using that tradition to deliver a message on energy conservation.  On the 14th, Bluegrass Pride spokeswoman Lauren Bennett says candle power will be the primary source of lighting at two Lexington restaurants.

“We don’t have any data on how much energy is gonna be saved or anything like that, but we believe it’s gonna be a great example of what people can see out in the community and then take home….You can do a candlelit dinner at home any day of the year…and save on energy and lighting costs,” said Bennett.

Agreeing to participate in the project are Bellini’s Italian Restaurant and Natasha’s Bar and Bistro.  The Valentine’s Day event is sponsored by Bluegrass Pride and Live-Green Lexington.