Emotional Challenges in Tornado Impacted Towns

Mar 12, 2012

The emotional impact of a natural disaster may linger for weeks or months.  Such is the situation facing people in eastern Kentucky communities like Salyersville.  Although there was no loss of life, the recent tornado caused extensive physical damage in Salyersville.  Angie Conley is a registered nurse at the HOPE Family Medical Center in Salyersville.  For some survivors, Conley says the trauma can linger.

“I think this will scar people,  I really do..not to a point that they can’t function..but as a learning lesson and God has a plan for all of us to learn things and grow from that,” said Conley.

The aftermath of a storm that levels a town often includes post traumatic stress disorder.  P-T-D-S can pose a health threat in eastern Kentucky communities like East Bernstadt, West Liberty and Salyersville.  All were hard hit by the March 2nd round of tornadoes.  Registered nurse Angie Conley works with children at the HOPE Family Medical Center in Salyersville.

“You know kids are pretty tough…I think when they see…they react more closely to how their parents are reacting..but for the most part…I think they’re gonna’ be OK…from the children that I’ve seen,” added Conley.

Conley calls Salyersville is a ‘cohesive’ town with people ready to help one another.