Electronic Monitoring Update in Lexington

Sep 19, 2012

Fayette County’s criminal electronic monitoring program has grown substantially over the last three years.   The ankle bracelet system was reviewed during an Urban County Council meeting Tuesday.  Jail officials say 42 people are on electronic monitors currently.  39 of those individuals have not gone to trial.  Jail Sargent Chris Toombs says there’s room for growth in the program.  “We could have as many as need be.  We can get over a hundred if that’s what the community requires and if the judges and city leadership wants to get together, then the jail can make that happen,” said Toombs.

Fayette County’s electronic monitoring program offers three ways to keep up with alleged offenders.  Toombs says the monitoring schedule varies depending upon numerous factors.

“There is a one hour report time for passive and a three minute report time for active.  But, you can go in manually with the software and zoom in and see where somebody is currently, so you can do that manually and get their current in real time,” added Toombs.

Coordinators of Lexington’s electronic monitoring program say it shows a 93 percent success rate.  Toombs says some participants have been known to cut the ankle bracelet and remove it.   He says it doesn’t happen very often.  

“Pretty rarely, I don’t have those figures in front of me, but it’s pretty rare. For the most part, these people do abide by the rules.  If they don’t abide by the rules, they go back to jail.  So, I think they realize what’s in front of them, that they do need to abide by all rules or they lose their freedom,” said Toombs.

Toombs says Fayette judges have increasingly been using the electronic monitoring program.