Elderly Activists in Lexington Want Senior Center of Their Own

Jun 27, 2013

Elderly activists this week pushed Lexington leaders for their own, brand-new senior center.  An active search is underway for a new location, but, the Y-M-C-A has also offered to expand its facilities.  Tony Higdon would prefer a center specifically designed for senior citizens. The elderly Lexington resident says expanding the YMCA won’t be good enough.

“‘There’s good points to it, but there’s more bad than good, because the seniors want a place for themselves where they feel comfortable coming in, that there’s not gonna’ be something else going on not related to senior activities, but something’s that geared for what they want to do,” said Higdon.

The YMCA has to partner with the city, creating four senior citizen centers around Lexington.   The proposal displeases senior-citizen Lena Cornett, who prefers a new, city-run facility

“We want our senior center for older people.  We don’t want to merge with the YMCA because, I love children, but you know, I don’t think children and these old people in their 80’s and some of these are in their 90’s that’s coming in for exercise.  We do want our own senior center,” added Cornett.

Cornett says she visits the Nicholasville Road senior center five days a week.  However, many seniors see the existing center as overcrowded.  A discussion on the YMCA proposal is expected later this summer at Lexington’s city hall.