EKU Workforce Cuts Save $20 Million

Jun 17, 2013

Despite a reduction in its work force, administrators at Eastern Kentucky University predict there will be little, if any, impact on students.    EKU is rearranging its finances, restructuring it organization and cutting its workforce.  

Their new budget authorizes 21 layoffs, the voluntary resignations of some 130 employees, and early retirement for 16 faculty members.  But, EKU Vice President Barry Poynter says those professors will remain in the classroom on a part-time basis.  As a result, Poynter predicts students won’t see much change.

“In terms of services, I don’t think they’ll notice a thing,” said Poynter.

Still, this fall, Poynter says Eastern students will likely pay more for on-campus parking.  The school’s board of regents has adopted a budget that spends slightly more than their current spending plan.  Almost 20 million dollars in savings will be allocated by Eastern’s new president.