EKU Raises Salaries, Tuition

Jun 8, 2011

Eastern Kentucky University employees are getting their first pay raise in three years. The hike is included in the 2011-12 budget approved Tuesday by the EKU Board of Regents. The salary increase will not be less than 500 dollars for any full-time employee. The budget of more than 233 million dollars is an increase of 6-point-9 percent over the previous year. It includes a 5 percent tuition increase for undergraduates and graduate students, with certain exceptions. The general increase had been approved earlier. The Board approved resident tuition rates for non-resident military veterans and a $60-per-credit hour rate for EKU Now! students.

The Regents also approved a 5 percent increase in residence hall rates. In April, it approved a 3.75 percent increase in meal plan rates.

EKU President Doug Whitlock said the University remains “optimistic” about its chances of landing a Presidential Debate in 2012. Eastern is one of 12 sites under consideration for three presidential debates and one vice presidential debate.  A decision is expected in November.