EKU Presidential Pricetag Climbs 62%

May 7, 2013

The price for a president is going up at Eastern Kentucky University.  EKU’s new President will earn two-thirds more than its outgoing CEO.

Michael Benson takes over as EKU president in August.

The new president at Eastern Kentucky University will earn 400-thousand dollars a year…a big increase over what Dr. Michael Benson earned at Southern Utah University.  His job there as president  grossed over 281-thousand dollars a year. 

It’s also more than the $250-thousand paid to EKU’s current president, but a hundred thousand dollars less than the annual salary earned by the president at the University of Kentucky.  

President Benson will also receive a housing allowance, a car, deferred compensation and bonuses for longevity and performance.  

The university also announced its new president will make a $50-thousand donation to a new scholarship fund.   EKU is currently reducing its workforce, with early retirements and probable layoffs.  Also, the faculty and staff will go another year without a salary increase.