EKU President: School Branding Reboot and Multiple Construction Projects Planned

Aug 13, 2014

Universities must comply with numerous laws, regulations and policies. Eastern Kentucky University President Michael Benson says there are federal reporting requirements for everything from financial aid, to accounting, to on-campus crime statistics. 

Credit Stu Johnson

Benson offered his thoughts to faculty and staff during this year's convocation held Wednesday.  "There are a whole lot of things we've got to report out and as I said, the compliance part is you can't hold people accountable for a policy they don't know and we've got to do a better job educating people what, for example, the travel policy is," said Benson.   Benson says it's not a 'big brother' approach, but instead, an effort to make sure all employees understand what's expected of them.He also touched on a number of construction projects already underway or planned at the Richmond school.  They include a groundbreaking this fall for phase two of the new science building, construction of an arboretum along Lancaster Avenue, and building a multipurpose facility adjacent to Roy Kidd Stadium.  Eastern Kentucky University is also working to create uniformity in its branding.   Benson admits there may be questions about the cost of new signs and logos.  "It speaks to the fact that we're proud of the place that we work.  That it looks the part of a university.  That were proud of people, potential students, prospective students, their parents, their families coming on a campus and seeing that we take great pride in making the campus beautiful and in our infrastructure," added Benson. Classes begin Monday at EKU.