EKU Officials Assess Results of Energy Savings Efforts

Aug 15, 2017

Credit hr.eku.edu

Eastern Kentucky University’s nearly 2000 Richmond campus employees are returning this week to a more traditional work schedule.
That comes following a summer with a modified schedule, all in the name of saving energy.


The piloted Summer Energy Savings Plan had workers coming in a half hour early, getting off a half hour sooner, and enjoying shorter days on Fridays.  Eastern Sustainability Manager Patrick McKee says summer is a peak power use time on campus.

“That enables us to shave some of the energy that we would have had to use to cool our buildings during this those hotter temperatures of the day,” said McKee.

Eastern officials don’t yet know the dollar savings over the summer months.  But, McKee says this June’s electricity bill on campus saw an average daily reduction of 16,000 kilowatt hours compared with last June.  \

That's the equivalent of preventing 475 metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere.