EKU Community Gets Chance to Meet Branding VP Finalists

Nov 4, 2013

Eastern Kentucky University President Michael Benson
Credit president.eku.edu

Eastern Kentucky University is working to improve its staying power with prospective students, potential donors, and the community at large.  The field is narrowing for a new position of Vice President for University Relations and EKU Branding. The first of three open meetings with finalists is scheduled later Monday on the Richmond campus.

  EKU President Michael Benson says it’s important to appeal to an older alumni population as well as a younger student demographic.  Benson says the Eastern brand needs to extend beyond the state’s border.

“I would like a student in our 22 county service area to see that brand, that look and know exactly what that means, but by the same token, someone in Ohio, or in Indiana, or across the border in 

Tennessee, and say, yeah I know who that is,” said Benson.

According to the President of EKU, about 85 percent of the school's student body comes from Kentucky homes.  The person who fills a new ‘branding’ position at Eastern Kentucky University could play a role in student recruitment and fundraising.  Benson says a new logo along with unified messaging can help in the effort to raise money.

“And you take the brand of the institution, but you tie it in to your campaign themes as a way to always associate in a prospective donor’s mind that the two are tied.  This is about supporting the institution and its goals and its objectives,” added Benson.

Benson anticipates the new Vice President for University Relations and EKU Branding will start in January.  Monday's open meeting with finalist James Ebel begins at three o clock in the university library.  The other two candidates are Karen Bergh and Tim Debolt.