EKU Arts Center Ready for Inaugural Performance

Sep 22, 2011

The stage is set for Saturday’s inaugural performance at Eastern Kentucky University’s new Center for the Arts. Executive Director Debra Hoskins says ticket sales for Saturday’s performance by Kentuckian Wynonna Judd have been unbelievable. “The support that the Center has gotten from Madison Countians, from Lexington, from the entire region has just been unbelievable. I am so proud of the people in this area who are supporting this venture and all that they’re doing to make sure that it’s a continued success”, said Hoskins.

Hoskins says that translates into a full house for the Wynonna concert. She’ll perform in the two-thousand seat Grand Hall. Upcoming artists include Peter Frampton, B-B King and Willie Nelson.

Hoskins calls interest in upcoming performances, “remarkable.”

“We’re getting calls from Virginia, and Ohio and Indiana. We had folks here the other night from Maryland. We’ve got people flying in from Los Angeles for the Wynonna performance. It tells me that word has gotten out that there’s a unique performing arts center that’s got wonderful programming, something for everyone, and they want to be a part of it,” said Hoskins.

And Hoskins adds a chauffeured service to Richmond from Lexington, Danville and Lancaster is getting a lot of interest.

“Folks are just reading the fine print in their brochures, it says “Oh look, we can ride in a van or ride in a limo and go there for 12 dollars. We have families that are doing it, just for a fun outing after they’ve purchased their ticket,” said Hoskins.

In addition to a full arts season schedule, EKU’s Performing Arts Center is in the running to host a Presidential debate next year.