EKU and KCTCS Partner on New Transfer Program

Aug 24, 2014

Credit advising.eku.edu

Eastern Kentucky University and the Kentucky Community and Technical College System are joining forces on a new statewide college credit transfer program. 

Lisa Cox is with Eastern's Student Outreach and Transition Office. Cox says the idea behind the program is to connect with students as they begin work at one of the state's community colleges.  "Each semester, we've got a way for them to send their transcripts directly to us.  They'll go in to the degree audit system and the student will actually be able to see how their courses they're taking at the community college are transferring in to the degree that they want to complete at the four year level," said Cox.

Cox says it's a first for EKU to have this arrangement with all community colleges across the Commonwealth. "Early identification so we make sure the students are, for example, selecting the right math class to take, perhaps selecting supporting kinds of courses in the area of sciences or social sciences that are required by the major," added Cox.

Cox says this new transfer program could mean substantial savings in time and tuition.  "There's a good chance that for any particular student, it could save them at least one semester because they'll be on target, ready to go right into the major related courses, without having to take as many prerequisites once they arrive here on campus," explained Cox.

Students participating in the new initiative will be assigned an academic advisor early in the process.