Efficient Road Salt Distribution Sought

Dec 10, 2012

Temperatures across Kentucky have been anything but winter-like recently, but preparation for clearing roads of snow and ice goes on.  In Lexington, city officials propose building a second salt storage barn on the east side of town.  Streets and Roads Director Sam Williams says a site just off interstate 75 near Athens is being eyed to build on two-to-three years down the road.  Williams says a interim salt barn might be set up near the Winchester-New Circle Road interchange.

“Of course, it would be more efficient to locate the second facility on the eastern side of the county, cause that is the growth area, supporting basically Hamburg and that area out there,” said Williams

Clearing roads after a snowfall presents certain challenges.  But, Williams says ice accumulation remains the toughest nut to crack.   The Lexington community suffered a severe ice storm in February 2003.  Williams says a less impacting ice event in 2009 actually might have helped to lessen the punch for any subsequent ice storm.

 “The more often you have them, the limbs the tree limbs and stuff are taken out which means the next one is not gonna be quite as severe.  If you go 15, 20 years between them, you’re gonna have more growth that’s gonna come down,” added Williams.

With temperatures falling today, central Kentucky could see the possibility of icy road conditions before precipitation tapers off later this evening.