Educators Briefed on New Academic Standards

Aug 12, 2011


It’s not just the students in the classrooms across Kentucky who are learning new subjects this year.  Classes are underway in many sections of the state.  It’s also a time of learning for many educators from Kindergarten through college.  The last in a series of workshops designed to orient college faculty and staff on recently enacted education reforms is scheduled Monday in Williamsburg

  Dr Aaron Thompson with the State Council on Postsecondary Education says these new academic standards will hopefully reduce the need for remediation.

“When they do come, we’re hoping at a fairly quick measure, we’ll be able to see in a formative way, how many students are moving past the developmental courses into courses that are for credit, for graduation credit.  We expect to see that fairly soon,” said Thompson.

In addition to establishing new academic standards, senate bill one set out a new testing and accountability system for pre-school through the 12th grade.  The new law also requires collaboration among educational agencies.

Thompson says students need to realize it’s a new day in the classroom.

“I mean the students that are coming into the k-12 pipeline that ultimately move into postsecondary….this will be the expectation…so although there will be some growing pains…I mean out hope is to show that these will give them a much larger output,” added Thompson.

Since January, more than two thousand college faculty, staff, and others have participated in a variety of informational workshops., online modules, webinars, and follow up campus activities.