Education Restraint and Seclusion Policy Proposal Moves Toward Approval

Dec 17, 2012

The Kentucky Department of Education’s new restraint and seclusion policy proposal is in the final stages of approval this week and will go before the state’s Administrative Regulatory Review Committee Monday. Kentucky is one of several states that don’t have a law regulating restraint and seclusion for misbehaving students. Instead, the Kentucky Board of Education sets the governing policies, but the department has acknowledged changes to the regulations are needed.

 Credit Courtesy of Kentucky Protection and Advocacy On the map above, the red hearts represent those counties where P&A has investigated allegations of the abuse or misuse of restraint or seclusion. The blue hearts represent counties in which a parent or teacher has reported an allegation of the abuse or misuse of restraint and seclusion, but where P&A has not investigated those allegations.Edit | Remove