Economic Brainstorming at EKU

Feb 1, 2013

Madison County citizens from teenagers to seniors worked together today to help plot the economic future for the bluegrass community.  The Southern Growth Policies Board is assisting leaders from Richmond, Berea, and County governments to devise an economic development plan.  Scott Doron is director of the Southern Technology Council.  “We’re not into producing an eloquent theoretical plan that sits on a shelf.  We want highly doable, high impact actions that can lead directly to economic growth,” said Doron.

Each table today was comprised of people of different interests and ages.  Several teenagers participated in the event.  16 year old Stephanie McCormick of Model was among those considering workforce development.

“We were basically discussing staying more connected, just as a whole, a group, as a county basically.  With transportation, new technologies we have to offer.  And we also discussed the older and the younger group since they’ve had differing experiences, sort of how we could more to the table if we bring it to the table together,” explained McCormick.

Richmond Mayor Jim Barnes says each time the local leadership team meets, the focus of the initiative gets a little sharper.  He says the secret will be to take the energy and passion of participants and create the same interest within the entire community.