Eastern Kentucky University's Changing Workforce

May 23, 2013

Credit Eastern Kentucky University

Come July first, the Eastern Kentucky University workforce picture takes on a new look.  The Richmond school has been undergoing restructuring as part of work by the Strategic Budget Reallocation Task Force.  127 employees at Eastern are taking a voluntary buy out package.  Their last day at E-K-U will be June 28th.  Human Resources Director Gary Barksdale says it’s unclear now how many ‘forced layoffs’ might occur.

“We do not know that number yet.  I don’t anticipate it to be a large number, if at all.  But, there’s a few positions that have been identified so far that are not in the work units that they are currently in,” said Barksdale.

Barksdale says individuals holding positions eliminated through restructuring can apply for other positions within the university.

“A department would show a proposed structure and a current structure.  In the proposed structure, there may be a position identified as not being kept in that work unit.  So, they don’t have a job in that work unit.  It doesn’t mean that they can’t apply for jobs on campus that are being posted within the work unit and across campus next week,” said Barksdale.

Barksdale says no decisions have been made about involuntary layoffs.  He says those actions, if needed, would occur between June seventh and July first.