Drought Already a Concern

May 25, 2012


The Memorial Day Holiday weekend is often considered the kick off to the summer season.  Summer doesn’t officially arrive until June 21st, but weather conditions now are more in line with a typical mid to late June.  In fact, level one drought conditions are plaguing some western Kentucky counties.  University of Kentucky agricultural meteorologist, Tom Priddy says it’s possible drought like conditions will move east across the state.

“Once drought sets in it tends to stay around for a while especially hydrologic drought..that’s the drinking water type of drought..and that’s what’s occurring already in the western part of the state..i think there are some water systems that are having some problems,” said Priddy.

Priddy says corn farmers in western Kentucky are already seeing some stress in the fields…

“Well I think the concern is one county agent told me that he was already having seen corn spindles…we typically don’t see that until July or August in that kind of heat,” added Priddy.

Priddy says the Bluegrass region has received about 75 percent of its normal rainfall over the past month.  But, he’s quick to add, green vegetation can turn brown very quickly, particularly in the high heat expected in the next few days