Drought After the Rains

Jul 2, 2012

Experts are keeping their eyes this week on the widespread drought conditions affecting much of Kentucky.  State Climatologist, Stuart Foster, made the drive from western Kentucky to Louisville recently.  “Driving up to Louisville the other day that looked like an oasis… compared to western Kentucky..and yet the entire state is in some level of drought,” said Foster.  Many areas, especially in the central and eastern parts of the state, received some rain during thunderstorms Sunday night.  Still, Foster says a tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico might provide the best remedy.

“That would greatly help, if we could have a system develop and kind of bring some moisture up…but we’re looking for something of a large scale nature that could kind of jump start or kick the system out of the mode that it’s in right now,” added Foster.

Western Kentucky has felt the brunt of the drought affecting the commonwealth.  But, there are concerns the dry conditions could become entrenched in other regions.   Foster says there’s nothing to indicate a major break soon in weather patterns.

“The  concern there in the eastern part of the state is that if the drought situation continues to intensify during the summer..and as we get later into the summer..if we don’t get out of this weather pattern..then we’re gonna have some issues show up in some places I think,” explained Foster.

 The forecast for the rest of the week is promising little in the way of relief with the possibility of a few scattered showers.