Drive-ins Find New Popularity

Aug 1, 2011

While 3-D technology increasingly becomes the norm in mainstream films, theaters boast the latest and loudest speakers, and moviegoing has become a predominantly indoor pastime, some people still seem to prefer the simplicity of the past: the drive-in. It's a past that dates back almost 80 years, and it allows people to be essentially in their own private movie theaters, free to create their own experience. That nostalgia and experience are what have kept people coming back to drive-in theaters, even when there was a time it looked as if they could die out, fans say. "People don't go to the drive-in or a normal theater for just the movie. It's the experience," said Chris Erwin, manager of Judy Drive-In in Mount Sterling. "The drive-in experience is one that can't be duplicated no matter what's on screen. Its charm is that it's simple."