Downtown Lexington Traffic Lights to Go Off-Line

Aug 1, 2017


Two traffic signals in downtown Lexington are being taken out of service this week. 

Stop signs are being installed at Upper and West Fifth and Upper and West Sixth streets.  

The traffic lights will remain in place, flashing red. 

Lexington Signal Systems Manager David Filiatreau says there will be a three-month transition period. 

“If something unexpected should occur in those 90 days, say that their accident rate increases, we would then re-examine and potentially not go forward,” Filiatreau said.

Filiatreau says there are eight more traffic-signaled intersections, most in downtown Lexington, also under review for possible decommissioning.   

“Jefferson and Second St, that used to be right adjacent to where St. Joseph Hospital used to be, so it likely so much more traffic,” noted Filiatreau.  “So, we’re going to look at that.”

Filiatreau says any future changes at other intersections would probably not occur until at least November. 

He says the future cost savings for these two traffic lights is estimated at $90,000 apiece.