Door to Door Health Survey

Oct 22, 2012

Representatives of the Fayette County Health Department will be knocking on doors in Lexington neighborhoods this week.  The trained staff members will be conducting a survey about home and health hazards.  Communicable Disease Manager, Jessica Cobb says the 50 questions cover everything from indoor air quality to household products and lead.

“It really allows us to collect information to inform the public and develop outreach design for our community so that way we can assess the knowledge base that’s already out there in the community in terms of these different things,” said Cobb.

Cobb says it will also give staff members an opportunity to brush up on preparedness notification.

“It’s also a good opportunity for us to train our personnel in an event that we would ever have a severe weather emergency that would require this type of surveying to be done,” added Cobb.

Cobb says information from this type of survey was useful in western Kentucky during the last major ice storm.  No identifying information will be collected during the ten to 15 minute survey.  The actual door-to-door surveying will be done Wednesday through Friday in several neighborhoods.  A federal grant is helping to pay for the survey program.