Dividing Up Resurfacing Money

Aug 17, 2012

Funds for road resurfacing are now divided up in Lexington according to the greatest need.  But that formula doesn’t work well for Council member Tom Blues.  His council district will get 117-thousand dollars, but Blues argues the need is nearly a million dollars in road work.  “I’ve got 117 thousand dollars for one of the largest geographic districts in the city.  I can virtually nothing with that money,” said Blues.  Kevin Wente is with the Environmental Quality and Public Works Department.  He says the new formula emphasizes neighborhoods with the biggest problems.

“I felt like when we re-adjusted our method, as opposed to making an even lump sum to each council district, the tactic that we were employing was the best way to attack those roads that were in most need, or the greatest need,” said Wente.

Streets and Roads Department Director Sam Williams says the quality of Lexington streets is improving.  Williams says the number of complaints filed by residents over potholes is down.  Typically, Williams says they receive about 15 hundred calls during the spring months.  He says this last April through May period saw less than half that many calls.