Distribution of Park Activities Debated

Jul 5, 2013

Credit lexingtonky.gov

One of Lexington’s most-used public parks got a little scrutiny this week. Some city leaders say they would like to see a wider distribution of recreational sports leagues.  Masterson Station Park is a popular location for youth soccer, and, for years, has been the primary home for the Lexington Youth Soccer Association.

Council member Shevawn Akers wonders why they can’t have a greater variety of activities at Masterson Station and Lexington’s other parks.

“I just want to state for someone who lives in this area and has to travel always to the south side for all of my son’s sports recreational activities, that I would like to see more brought into the west end of the east end or some other part of the city where we don’t always have to drive to Nicholasville road for baseball or for basketball, KBA or everything else,” said Akers.

Parks Department Director Jerry Hancock says a plan developed by the city concentrated activities associated with soccer at Masterson Station, which is located in northwest Lexington off Leestown Road.  He adds it also host more subtle recreational activities, like cross country running, horseback riding and birding.  Plus, Hancock says the Lexington Youth Soccer Association or LYSA maintains its facilities at the park.

“The Lexington Youth Soccer Association puts on soccer for the community to some three thousand children and adults at no cost to the Urban County Government.  Parks does very little almost nothing in maintaining those fields,” explained Hancock.

Hancock adds Lexington is also developing four multi-use fields at Shilito Park in south Lexington.  The new fields would allow that park to host more sports teams.   Currently, many baseball, football, and basketball leagues are located in south Lexington.