Direct Flight From Lexington to Vegas

With an Elvis impersonator singing "Viva Las Vegas" in the Terminal Lobby, travelers at Blue Grass Airport got a taste of Sin City Thursday. Allegiant Air announced new service between Lexington and Las Vegas beginning in November. It's the first time central Kentucky customers have been able to catch a direct flight to Vegas without having to first travel to Louisville or Cincinnati. 

"Non-stop service is very important to any traveler. So when you can provide that non-stop service in your backyard in a beautiful, easy, convenient airport like Lexington, it's a natural fit for the community and the airlines," says Allegiant spokeswoman Kristine Cooper. 

Airport executive director Eric Frankl says he's long heard from customers about wanting a direct flight. It became a possibility when Allegiant added a Boeing 757 to its fleet, which can carry up 217 passengers. 

"Their current aircraft fleet couldn't make that distance; it's a long flight. They got the 757 about six months to a year ago and they're actually starting to deploy it now. And we're just glad we're one of their choices. They have a lot of choices out there, which communities to serve, and we're glad to be one of them." 

Allegiant already has three flights out of Lexington to destinations in Florida. The airline expects its Wednesday and Saturday flights to Vegas to hit around 90-percent capacity year round.