'Diamond' Ready to Shine

Aug 9, 2011

A section of a major thoroughfare in Lexington will be shut down this weekend.  Come Monday, it could  result in a whole new approach to easing traffic congestion in southwest Lexington.

Road crews have been working on the unique ‘double diamond’ cross over project at Harrodsburg and New Circle roads for about two months.  The four on and off ramps to New Circle and Harrodsburg road from Pasadena to Beaumont Centre Drive are expected to be closed this weekend.  But, Natasha Lacy, with the state transportation department, says the new traffic pattern should be in place early Monday

“Over the weekend during the closure, striping will be done and also resurfacing and so the traffic on Monday morning will go into the pattern of the diamond,” said Lacy.

 Lacy  says a virtual video is found on the city and state web sites.

“It doesn’t matter what area you are coming from, be it new circle or Alexandria drive.  Any type of route is shown on this video and you can watch that and that will help you learn to navigate the cross over diamond,” added Lacy.

Much attention has focused on the double diamond cross over design, but Lacy says other improvements are also planned for the interchange area.

“That includes the widening of Alexandria Drive, Pasadena Drive, and Harrodsburg road.  Adding turn lanes.  The shared use path and also new sidewalks.  So there will be work that is done after the traffic is moved onto the cross over diamond,” said Lacy.

Lacy says the entire project is still on schedule to be completed by late this fall.