Departing Flights Halted From Tel Aviv Airport; Contaminated Fuel Suspected

May 5, 2011

Officials at David Ben-Gurion International Airport have halted all outgoing flights, saying the jet fuel may be contaminated, according to Ha'aretz. Any flights needing to refuel before heading for their final destinations are being routed to Cyprus. There are no reports of injuries.

Airport managers decided to halt flights after receiving word of the possible contamination from the company that provides fuel to the facility. Ha'aretz says this problem has happened before.

Galvanic Applied Sciences, which makes equipment to measure natural gas products, says jet fuel holds on to contaminants such as water and fine particulate matter and needs special equipment to remove it. GAS also says jet fuel has to be monitored in several different places, such as refineries, pipelines 'and at the airport prior to loading the aircraft'.

The traffic backup is growing and Ynetnews says thousands of people are stuck, including people in Cyprus, who've been affected by the flight changes.

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