Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez Says Teacher Rallies Are Inspiring

Apr 5, 2018

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez

The Democratic National Committee is paying close attention to recent teachers’ rallies in Kentucky and other states. 

Kentucky educators have been rallying at the state capitol in an effort to fight for their pension benefits and increased state support for public education. 

DNC chairman Tom Perez says the teacher rallies in Kentucky, West Virginia and Oklahoma are inspiring. He says he’s glad to see teachers standing up and taking action. He told WKU Public Radio the renewed activism and energy is an opportunity for the Democratic party… 

“We need leadership at a state level that recognizes that our teachers are the key to our future and when you attack teachers you attack what they’re fighting for and you call them thugs. That’s just unconscionable.” 

Perez said the Democratic Party’s goals this year are to register people to vote and to elect Democrats up and down the ticket from the school board to Congress. Perez said when there’s high voter turnout, Democrats win.