Debt Debate Spawns Doubt in Frankfort

Jul 28, 2011

While exasperated over the debt ceiling debate, Kentucky’s governor thinks its impacts on the Commonwealth could be minimal. The governor says there’s no way the United States ought to be at this crossroads right now.  Steve Beshear says politicians in Washington have allowed partisan politics to rule the day with no thought to the interest of the American public.  Beshear says Kentucky relies on the federal government for Medicaid, transportation, and education funding.

“Assuming that this impasse is resolved within days, then we don’t see any diminution in service in any of those areas.   But, it will depend upon how long this continues to go on,” said Beshear.

The governor says his budget staff is in communication with budget directors in other states.  Beshear says everyone’s in the same boat, not knowing what will happen.

“It‘s very difficult to plan right now because no one knows for sure what the federal government will do.  What bills they will pay, what programs they will not fund,” added Beshear.

And the wait continues in Kentucky and all over the country.