David Williams-Post Election

Nov 9, 2011

Senate President David Williams says he has no second thoughts about how he conducted his campaign for Kentucky governor.   The G-O-P leader is not ready to talk about legislative issues—yet.  The Burkesville Senator  is reflecting on his 20 point loss to incumbent governor Steve Beshear.   Williams doesn’t believe his political agenda was a factor in his race.  “I don’t think my message was wrong.. I just think I was too unpopular to be elected..that’s the bottom line.. I don’t know how more candid that you can be than that is I was just too unpopular to be elected,” said Williams.

Williams says he had great response one on one and in small groups during the campaign.    He believes senate republican caucus support remains strong.

“I’ll be a better senate president..I’ve been a good senate president..I think I’ll be a better senate president because I am physically stronger, spiritually stronger, intellectually stronger than I was,” added Williams.

Williams says his exercise regime allows him to come off insulin next week.  He looks forward to spending more quality time with his family.  He says his 12 year old came in election night and said ‘I’ve got my mom and dad back.’, something Williams called a touching moment.