Damaged Corvettes to Get Fix-up by GM

Feb 17, 2014

Credit kbb.com

Eight cars that fell into a sinkhole at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green last week will be getting a little tender loving care.  The prized sports cars were damaged when a 40 foot wide by 25 foot deep sinkhole swallowed them early last Wednesday.

Long-time state representative and former House Speaker Jody Richards says the cars will be sent off for refurbishing.  “General Motors is going to transport those to Detroit and they’re going to restore all eight of the corvettes.  They are very special corvettes and they want to restore them and they will eventually be back on display in the National Corvette Museum,” said Richards.

Richards is glad no one was injured in the floor collapse and hopes engineers will do serious study to make sure no future problems occur.  The Corvette assembly plant employing about a thousand workers is less than a quarter mile away.  Richards doesn’t expect the sinkhole incident to adversely affect the visitor count. “After a period of time, I don’t think it will make any difference.  Those sinkholes open up all across this country.  You remember the one in Florida not that long ago and Kentucky is built on limestone,” said Richards.

Richards isn’t sure if the repaired cars will be back in Bowling Green in time for the Corvette Museum's 20TH anniversary in August.  That's also when a new motorsports park will open in western Kentucky.