Cyber Monday Important To Small Kentucky Businesses Too

Dec 2, 2013

‘Cyber Monday’ is wrapping up, with many of the Commonwealth’s companies offering deep discounts to on-line shoppers.  For Kentucky-based Café Press, nearly 99% of its business is conducted via the internet.  The Louisville company started in 1999, creating specialty items, like mouse pads, coffee cups, and T-shirts.  CEO Bob Marino says his inventory is based solely on demand.

“It would be a terrible mistake for us to manufacture them in advance and put them in stock because not all will sell.  So, we wait, and only when something is ordered, that’s when we go to manufacture it.  So, while everyone else in e-commerce gets to pack, pick, and ship what’s sitting in inventory, we first have to manufacture that finished good and then send it,” said Marino.

When customers want ‘overnight’ delivery, Marino says it can be in their hands the next day.  Without a reliable website, CEO Bob Marino says his firm would be in trouble.

“We have to make sure that the website is stress tested.  So, we’ve been creating artificial load and causing in a test environment localized failures in our system to see how our system will recover,” added Marino.

Café Press customers can generate their own specialty goods or pick out a product left behind by some three million shop keepers.   Company CEO Bob Marino says search engines are essential to their business.

“Café Press manages well over 20 million key word or key word phrases because we have artwork and products that represent every point of view out there because we have crowd sourced our content from, again, those millions of designers from all over the world,” said Marino.