Crews to Repair Bridges are Busy

Aug 14, 2012

A pair of lane closures on Interstate 75 in southern Kentucky may be in effect for a month.  Cracks have been discovered in load bearing beams on adjacent highway bridges.  Late last week the passing lane of the northbound bridge at the Whitley-Laurel County line was closed.  A subsequent inspection resulted in the shut down of the right lane southbound on the other bridge.  State Transportation Department Spokesman, Jonathon Dobson says repairs may not be made until after the Labor Day holiday weekend.

“A lot of this system across the nation is of similar vintage and is experiencing similar problems so similar repairs are necessary so these contractors with this particular expertise have all the work they can handle right now,” said Dobson.

According to Dobson, all bridges are inspected at least once every two years.  He says the closure of these lanes on the bridges shows the system is working.   

“I believe that the traveling public can be confident that all efforts are being made and the system is working.  It’s unfortunate that the result is that we’re gonna have to shut these bridges,  you know reduce their capacity for a time to allow them to be repaired,” added Dobson.

A detour is in place for wide and heavy loads.  Dobson says all vehicular traffic can use the detours.  Significant back-ups are occurring during rush hours along I-75.