Craving Food in Lexington

Sep 23, 2013


Potential chefs received food preparation tips during this weekend’s first ‘Crave Lexington’ festival.  The event at the MoonDance Amphitheater in Beaumont included restaurant dishes made from scratch, food demonstrations, and live music.  Christina Robinson says students from the Sullivan College Culinary program attended the event.

“I took some of our housing students up here to be able to meet some of the chefs, cause they’re getting ready to start on Monday, so just introducing them to the area, introducing them to local restaurants, places that they can get to go after they get their part time jobs and start getting some money,” said Robinson.

One demonstration focused on new beef cutting methods.  Alison Smith with Kentucky’s Beef Council says the aim is to improve slicing techniques for a rib eye roll of meat to produce leaner cuts of steak.

“This cutting method we’ve used with the top sirloin and the top loin steak and the rib eye and with the top sirloin we actually able to get it approved by the American Heart Association to be a very lean cut that they will put their check on, so the rib eye not quite there yet.  Still it is a leaner cut compared to what it would traditionally be if it was cut the way it has always been,” said Smith.

Smith says corn prices and other factors have stressed Kentucky’s beef cattle farming business.  She says the herd numbers are down partly because of land availability and previous drought conditions.