Crack Down on Truck Brakes

Mar 9, 2012

Lexington city leaders are working to silence loud truck engine brakes within the urban area.  Council member Tom Blues says they’re considering a proposal that restricts the use of ‘engine brakes’ to highways, like New Circle Road, with limited access.  Blues says it would impact tractor-trailers coming off the interstate.  “Any trucks coming off the ramps into the city would not be able to use them and the reason is they make so much noise that they annoy so many people,” said Blues.

The noise generated by engine brakes, also known as `jake breaks,’ has attracted a lot of criticism.  If approved by the full council, member Tom Blues says there would have a few months to adjust.

“The ordinance as its now dated would be July first..of this year..there has to be time to notify the trucking community..and also to fabricate and to install the necessary signage,” added Blues.

Blue contends many of the engine brakes are unmuffled.  He’s still waiting on input from truckers.