CPE Head Assessing State Budget Agreement Impact

Apr 14, 2016

Kentucky CPE President Bob King
Credit cpe.ky.gov

The head of Kentucky’s Council on Post-secondary Education says the compromise state budget will have an effect on every college and university campus in the state.  Leaders from the House and Senate reached a compromise agreement early Thursday morning.  

CPE President Bob King says the 4.5 percent funding reduction to higher ed over the next two years is better than having no budget at all.  “It’s gonna affect class size, it’s gonna affect the availability of certain courses and programs," King said.  "But I’m confident that the presidents and their staffs will do the very best they can to minimize the impact on our students."

King says he respectfully understands the concerns expressed by Governor Bevin about solving pension issues.  But, he hopes to see future state budgets include more money for higher education.

The agreed to $21 billion spending plan sets aside $25 million for a free community college tuition program for Kentucky high school graduates who maintain at least a 2.5 GPA.  It also includes a performance-based funding structure for Kentucky’s colleges and universities. 

The final budget is expected to be approved by both legislative chambers Friday.​