Coyotes on the Loose

Jan 25, 2012

The days of a coyote den that’s roaming a Lexington neighborhood  could be numbered.  Animal Care and Control Chief Nathan Bowling says the coyotes have been reported in southeast Lexington’s Tuscanee neighborhood.  Lexington Public Safety Commissioner Clay Mason says the plan is to set traps and relocate them in an un-populated area.

“They’re really generally not threatening animals…but they are a nuisance and there’s a fear factor for small children and smaller pets,” said Mason.

Mason says a tranquillizer dart is not feasible.

“The dart guns are would have to be way to close for a coyote..they are so skiddish…they disappear like crazy and they’re very very quick and agile and very smart,” added Mason.

Mason says coyotes, which are common in rural Kentucky, are generally regarded as non-threatening.  However, they can be considered a nuisance and have been known to prey on pets.  Bowling says about two to three traps could be set.  Local officials must first get approval from the state Fish and Wildlife Department.